Friday, August 19, 2022

Stable Driving Speed Guarantees Passenger Safety

When driving, the driver should maintain a stable driving speed. It is crucial for passenger safety because passengers will be able to avoid road crashes if the speed is reduced. Moreover, a lower impact velocity will ensure greater survival probability for pedestrians. The SSD system is one of several proposed passenger assistance systems. This...

Understanding fleet management using a vehicle GPS tracker

Most business enterprises work towards managing revenue, safety, customer satisfaction and profitability. For that reason, your vehicle GPS tracker will help you make analyses such as the cost, revenue of every mile, and employee productivity. It will also allow you to track your vehicle, locate it, and diagnose its status. When there is a need...

Here are the Different Attachments in a Pressure Washer

Unlike what most people think, pressure washers aren't as sophisticated. On the contrary, it's a water pump, made out of quality materials and powered on through an electric motor. To make cleaning with a pressure washer effective, you will need to fix some additional parts to the end of the hose. So, what are these...

Importance of Having a Navigation System in Your Car

A car navigation system allows a driver to know his location or position on a map at any given time. This system relies on a database or Global Positioning System (GPS) like the Mercedes Benz navigation system. The Benz system has been designed to cater to various models like the Mercedes A, B, and...

A Quick Guide to Washing Your Car with a Pressure Washer

Car washing establishments may be a convenient solution to get your car cleaned but they can cost a lot of money in the long run and the methods they do can actually damage your paint job. It is always better to wash your car with a portable pressure washer at home to keep your car's paint...

Functions and care of extension cords in your RV

A 50 amp RV extension cord is no joke as it means a high power carrying capacity. What makes RV extension cords so important, and how do they function? In this article, we shall provide answers to both these questions. How your RV circuits work Your RV can be a motorhome or a trailer. Both of these...

Why Investing in a LED Taxi Display is a Smart Idea

Bench ads and billboards were once all the rage of outdoor advertising. However, that’s not the case anymore as LED taxi displays are increasingly popular. Taxi display advertising is particularly popular in big cities where there is a lot of traffic, and the streets are vibrant, always packed with people.  There is even a study...

Key Things to Note When Buying a Phone Car Mount

Car mounts are devices designed to hold your phone in place for easy viewing or receiving calls. They have become popular, especially to truck drivers, taxi drivers or anyone who likes and easy phone access when driving around town. Remember, a phone is an essential tool as it allows you to make calls, navigate around...

Why you need to get side by side mirrors today

If you are a good lover of ATV and UTV riders, then getting a side by side mirrors is the right option for you. When you are riding, the entire speed and fun of the ride may prevent you from looking backward to view certain things. ATV rides are very common especially in cities...

Why Washing Your Car Regularly is a Must?

A car is one of your biggest investments. To make sure it will last longer, there are things that you need to do. One of them is to regularly wash your car using the right products. Through washing, you will be able to maintain the look of your vehicle, its trade-in value, and you...
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