Friday, August 19, 2022

Premium BMW navigation GPS retrofit for better driving

Do you need a GPS navigation system for your vehicle for better driving and directions? Then you have to get BMW navigation GPS retrofit in your vehicle. As you can get an idea from its name, it is a navigation system based on internal GPS integrated into it. You can upgrade your OEM display screen...

Car Engines: Choosing The Right Engine Type

Car Engine
Your car engine is the heart of the car. And for many car lovers, it is the part that they love bragging so much about. When you meet them talking, you will often hear then speak how they upgraded their inline-four engine to a straight-six. But before you get pulled into their talks and make...

Top reasons why you should get a used car

Owning a car is no doubt a basic necessity as it tends to lessen the stress of moving from place to place especially one that involves a large distance. Surely, anyone who loves cars or appreciates the value of a car has a picture of a dream car and these pictures are made clearer...

How To Purchase A Used Car In Nigeria

Recently, we have noted that there is an increase of the naira against the dollar. Therefore, purchasing a new car from Nigeria may be pretty much daunting, as it is costly. People have now resorted to purchasing used cars a.k.a tokunbo cars. While the used ones in Nigeria are slightly cheaper than the brand new...

Removing Stickers From Your Car

car decals
There are several reasons why you would want to remove funny star wars family car decals. Most people tend to remove these decals when they want to sell off the family car. Some other times, they are just tired of the markers and want to have them changed. It is possible you want to replace...

How Long Will a Hybrid Battery Last?

Hybrid Battery
Are you planning to buy a hybrid car? Probably you own one. Well, its battery pack is one of its essential parts. It can't function without it. As you may know, this vehicle works through a combination of electric motor and the internal combustion engine. The engine draws its energy from gasoline that's stored in...

First produced 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray in barrett-jackson for $1.1 million for charity

Chevrolet Corvette and Barrett-Jackson have a long history relationship. For instance, in 2008, Chevrolet earned a million bucks by auctioning its first new Corvette ZR1, and last year its new 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible earned $600,000 in an auction. Chevrolet brought its new 2014 Corvette Stingray for the 2013 event, which flattered all the viewers...

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish, displayed at the LA auto show, has already has toured markets of Canada and North America and has attracted car shoppers in these locations. The new and elegant Vanquish is equipped with a 6.0-L engine that produces a massive power of 565BHP. It features a carbon fiber body that helps to...

2013 Smart Fortwo Iceshine Special Edition for US

The upcoming Fortwo Iceshine SE arrives at US dealers this year. This special edition will be available only in white. They are also planning to bring Fortwo Sharpred SE this fall for America and Brabus Sport package by end of this year. The European customers will be able to order this Iceshine Special Edition in...

Highlights of 2013 Lexus GS

For 2013, you could expect a completely redesigned version of GS 350. It is a GS mid-size luxury sport sedan. The company offers a base model GS 350, a hybrid, and a high-performance F-Sport package. Power and Performance All variants of GS will get an updated version of the venerable 3.5-liter V6 engine, expected to increase...
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