How Long Will a Hybrid Battery Last?

Hybrid Battery
Hybrid Battery

Are you planning to buy a hybrid car? Probably you own one. Well, its battery pack is one of its essential parts. It can’t function without it.

As you may know, this vehicle works through a combination of electric motor and the internal combustion engine. The engine draws its energy from gasoline that’s stored in the fuel tank.

The electric motor draws its energy from a different source. The hybrid battery. Without the chemical reactions on this battery, the hybrid vehicle won’t function.

Owing to its benefits, it’s important to make sure the battery packs are functioning as they should.

Most manufacturers claim that their hybrids will last for 8 years. But the truth is, it’s not that simple to determine the lifespan of your batteries. They’re dependent on a number of factors. Such include the age of your vehicle, mileage, and usage and maintenance practice.

The following factors will influence the longevity of your battery packs. Take care!

  1. How Frequently Use Your Vehicle

Hybrid Battery
Hybrid Battery

Are you a taxi or Uber driver driving more than 1000KMs per week? Maybe it’s a private vehicle you drive to and from work.

The usage of your vehicle will affect the longevity and lifespan of your battery. A taxi driver driving more than 10000KMs a week will cycle their hybrid more than a personal driver.

It’s therefore logical that driving long distances will affect the lifespan negatively.

  1. The Balancing in Your Hybrid Battery

Hybrid Battery
Hybrid Battery

A hybrid battery consists of balanced individual cells. If these cells unbalance, your battery is set for failure.

For example, a typical hybrid battery may have 28 individual cells. The cells will have a capacity of 6500mah each. With time, however, the deterioration may go as low as 1500mah.

But the deterioration is never even. Some cells may be at 5000mah when others are 1500mah. The reason for this is that each cell will have its own resistance.

The higher the unbalancing, the higher the deterioration.

  1. How often do You Service Your Car?

Hybrid Battery
Hybrid Battery

A hybrid vehicle balances between a petrol engine and an electric drive. If your petrol engine isn’t performing optimally, it’ll strain your battery. It may also reduce your fuel economy.

Some hybrid vehicles are often sound mechanically. As such, their owners tend to ignore maintenance services. The same happens to vehicles that have done 180,000 kilometers mileage without any hitches.

However, you need to be careful. Ensure you do regular maintenance for your vehicle. It should be at least six months for private vehicles and 8000KMs for Uber and taxi vehicles.


The lifespan of your hybrid battery depends on a number of factors. While the manufacturers may state 8 years lifespan, the actual lifespan lies between 5 to 10 years.

If you wish to maximize its lifespan, there are a number of measures to employ. Have a regular maintenance exercise to ensure your petrol engine is at its optimum. In this way, it won’t underperform and strain your battery.

You may also do a preventative rebalancing and reconditioning of your battery to improve performance.


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