How To Purchase A Used Car In Nigeria


Recently, we have noted that there is an increase of the naira against the dollar. Therefore, purchasing a new car from Nigeria may be pretty much daunting, as it is costly. People have now resorted to purchasing used cars a.k.a tokunbo cars. While the used ones in Nigeria are slightly cheaper than the brand new ones, they still can pose a huge advantage in the long run. This is to the buyer of cheap Nigeria used cars.

So what really should you know if you intend to purchase a used car in Nigeria? In this article, we take a detailed look at some of the details you should be familiar with. Let us dive straight into the point, shall we?

  • Conduct extensive research for that prospective car

Nothing beats the power of research and finding the exact details of the car you intend to purchase. With analysis, you can rest assured that the vehicle you are about to buy is in perfect condition. It is advisable to go ahead and invest in strong research tools on more than just a single brand.

 On that note, you need to consider the existence of popular brands in Nigeria, particularly ones that have extended durability and have a great second-hand value such as Nissan and Volkswagen.  

  • You should have a budget

In every sector of life, budgeting is a crucial element to look into. Budgeting refers to the viable process of creating a plan that can help you to spend money. The plan allows you to quickly determine whether you are in a position to spend what you have on what you actually need.

In the case of purchasing a used car in Nigeria, working with a budget should enable you to make the best decision possible. Create an excellent spending plan which allows you to own a second-hand car. And if you do not have enough money, you can settle for a relatively affordable car.

  • A look at the conditions of the roads in Nigeria

One of the things that matter in the process of acquiring a second-hand car is the condition of the road where you reside. Although you may be tempted to select a vehicle following its aesthetics, you need not forget the exact state of the road you live in. This is sole because you will be using the road often and should avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Check the car engine

When purchasing a car, especially a used one in Nigeria, you need to assess the condition of its engine. This is because it is expensive to repair such issues. It is also difficult to evaluate the actual mechanical condition of the said engine when taking a quick test drive. For that reason, we recommend proper inspection when it comes to investing in a used car. Have a qualified mechanic inspect the car first. He should be able to check the condition of the engine and its appearance. If they notice that it is dirty, the engine basically lacks maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Over and above, you should invest in what you can afford and can bring value to your money. Discover Nigerian cars for sale at pretty affordable prices from our blog post. To be sure that you are putting your cash in the relevant docket, consider analyzing the list of factors we have stated above. Happy shopping!


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