Key Things to Note When Buying a Phone Car Mount


Car mounts are devices designed to hold your phone in place for easy viewing or receiving calls. They have become popular, especially to truck drivers, taxi drivers or anyone who likes and easy phone access when driving around town. Remember, a phone is an essential tool as it allows you to make calls, navigate around till you reach your destination, check the time, play some good music in your car etc. Thus, finding a good car mount to hold your phone in place is essential as it ensures all your attention is on the road. In this extract, we discuss factors to look out for when choosing a phone car mount.

What to Look for When Choosing a Car Mount?

Many online or physical shops dealing with phone accessories have an array of car mounts to choose from. It can create confusion, and you end up buying one that doesn’t suit you. Below are factors to guide you through the purchase process.

1.Phone Compatibility

Most mounts like the magnetic and bracket ones are universal and can fit any phone model, but some are phone-specific. If you are buying physically from a phone store, ask for help or advice from any of the service providers. Be careful when purchasing online, as some stores don’t include all information concerning the devices. You can call to inquire and be sure of compatibility to avoid cases of returning or ordering again.

2. Type of Style

Car mounts come in many styles of attachment. Choose what works for you and matches your style. They include;

a. Stick-on Mounts

This type can be placed wherever you want since it has an adhesive surface.

b. Dashboard Mounts

They are placed on the dashboard near the steering wheel for easy access when driving.

c. Air Vent Mounts

This type fits perfectly on the vents that bring in air into the car. They work well with smaller phones as large phones tend to block the flow of air.

3. Ease of Charging

The preferred phone mount should have an opening that matches your phone charging port. Your charging cable should go through the car mount, into the phone easily without detaching the phone. While spending long hours driving, keeping your phone battery full is vital. Thus, ensure the car mount can be placed where your charger can easily reach.

4. Flexibility

Choose a phone mount that can be tilted at different angles. When driving in different areas, the sun’s rays appear in various directions. Depending on where you are, they might cause discomfort and even make it difficult for you to operate the phone. The ability to tilt the phone is essential and a plus when the mount can be detached and placed at a new location.

5. Budget

The price of a car mount varies depending on the brand, model, type, and features it has. The quality also dictates its cost. The ones with high-quality cost more than those with low or poor quality. Consider the amount of money you’re willing to spend, then select what falls in that price range.

Bottom Line

As a frequent driver, a car mount should be a priority. Your safety, and that of others, must be considered; therefore, a good phone mount is necessary. But, remember, choosing thebest depends on you doing the due diligence before making a purchase.


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