The Value Of Updating Your BMW Navigation Retrofit


By beginning from the lowest minimum, it is always prudent to conduct a routine check on your BMW’s map update. The high-prolific company suggests that owners should have this done at least once annually. However, in other regions, a new system is always readily available in about 6 months. This is important because every year, the company has a way of introducing introduces new services, and a BMW X1 navigation retrofit would be ideal for the car.

Besides, when it comes to owning a BMW, the implantation of the USB is often the easiest as well as the safest way to handle it. This is precisely what most retailers offer. If you happen to own a slightly used navigation system, it would mean that the vehicle has limited functionalities. Therefore, in this case, it is only logical to think of an upgrade in the drive. Typically, this entails installing a new system retrofit.

The device replaces your screen since the BMW drive controller knob comes with a knob and control panel. A head unit is also an essential part of the device. Most importantly, the retrofit adds important features to the car, such as saving critical information to the hard drive if you have any. You can also use the new device to play music via a port and the latest map updated by BMW.  If you are looking for the pros of owning a new iDrive version, then the navigation system is what you need for that BMW. The device boasts of being convenient and user-friendly especially when it is time

Proud of having a significantly easy to use interface, our retrofit has a way of incorporating a new yet stylish look to your car coupled with an enhanced 3D maps to help you see clearly.  All these features make it an ideal choice when selecting the right user interface for your needs.

The specifications of your vehicle will determine what the retrofit kit may contain in terms of having a new top-notch resolution display and head unit. And if your device is compatible with the machine, then you can purchase the iDrive touch module.

 Usually, you will notice that the vehicle is compatible with the controller replacement. It then comes with a touch module. The stylish knob has a sensitive pad that comes with handwriting recognition to enhance security.

If you own a BMW that is fully compatible, then rest assured that you can end up purchasing the iDrive controller. It comes with an iDrive touch module. The knob comes with a sensor pad. To know what’s compatible with your car, you also need to learn more about the prices.

Final Thoughts

The currently integrated navigation is an ideal solution for cars that do not have a factory navigation system. This implies that the map of the BMW is often displayed on the car’s resolution with an audio output via the onboard speakers. The system should be controlled via a retrofitted controller in the vehicle for seamless integration. The controller kit should come with a wiring harness docket, which is demanded in the process of integrated navigation.


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