Top reasons why you should get a used car


Owning a car is no doubt a basic necessity as it tends to lessen the stress of moving from place to place especially one that involves a large distance. Surely, anyone who loves cars or appreciates the value of a car has a picture of a dream car and these pictures are made clearer by advertisements of brand new cars on social media, television, and even billboards on the streets.

 The big concern however is, can everyone afford a brand new car? The answer is no. A lot of factors may contribute to an individual being unable to buy a brand new car especially here in Nigeria where so many people go through one financial struggle or the other. The alternative to buying a brand new car is to buy an already used car.

One can opt for buying used cars in Nigeria Provided that such a car is in a very good state, it can do everything a brand new car is capable of doing. Buying a brand new car is encouraged if you have the means and such an expense would not affect your finances.

 However, there would be little or no need to venture into buying a new car if it would greatly affect your finances and maybe put you in debt. This is why it is advisable to purchase fairly used cars. One may ask ‘where can I get a used car?’

  It is very possible to purchase used cars in Nigeria because a lot of private individuals and companies deal in selling used cars at a relatively fair price. The advantages are numerous and some of these advantages include;

  • It Helps Save Cost:  The prices of used cars are fairly cheaper than new ones, this is a great advantage. Sometimes, buying a brand new car can be very expensive because most of these cars are shipped into the country and this attracts a shipping fee which is an extra cost attached to the price of the car and other hidden fees. The case is different when purchasing a used car in Nigeria because asides from being able to purchase the car at an affordable price, the extra cost which would have been incurred from shipping from country to country will be saved.
  • Options are wide and Available: People change cars almost all the time to buy new ones. This means that there is always a car for you and a vast range of options to choose from which will surely match your financial capacity.
  • No Time Barrier: Because used cars are relatively affordable, there is no time barrier attached to when you can own a car when you can afford it. The disadvantage of saving to buy a brand new car is that it may take a long time before one can save up to realize such an amount. Eg. A low-income earner may take a long time to save enough money to buy a brand new car.
  • Loans are Easier to Pay up: There is no doubt that people take loans to buy properties and in this case, cars. If this is the case, a person who purchases a fairly used car will find it easier to pay off a loan for a car because the price will not be as expensive as buying a brand new car.
  • Quality Assurance: Fairly used cars are usually subject to strict scrutiny before its purchase. This means that before purchase, you could do a physical inspection of the car to ensure that it is in good shape before proceeding to buy it.

 In as much as there is the availability of fairly used cars in Nigeria, it is important for a person who intends to make a purchase to ensure that he does so with a reliable and trustworthy dealer. This way, there is a guarantee that the car will be in good shape and even if an unexpected issue is detected eventually, the buyer will be able to easily notify the dealer.

A buyer of a fairly used car should ensure that he;

  1. Checks that the dealer is a legitimate car dealer and not a fraud.
  2. Enquire about the seller’s reason for the sale of the car.
  3.  He is properly informed about the brand and model of the car he intends to purchase.
  4. Makes necessary inspection on the car to ensure that it has no faults such as scratches, rusts, suspension of the car and so much more.
  5.  Checks that the millage (total miles which can be covered by the car) is adequate.
  6. Ensure that the car lights and brakes are in good shape.
  7. Get the relevant papers of the car.
  8. Check the resale value of the car in case he intends to make a future sale.
  9. It is also very important that a credible person witnesses the sale transaction in case of any future conflict about the car.
  10. Get to know the cost of maintaining the car.
  11. And finally, you must look into the chain of ownership of the car. Inquire about the history of the car to ensure that you are not purchasing a stolen car. This can be done by checking the vehicle identification Number (VIN).
  12. Another important factor to consider before buying not just a used car but even a brand new one is to check how available the car parts are in the market.

If all of these and more have been ascertained, be rest assured that you are good to go and on your way to becoming a car owner after purchase. The choice of being able to buy fairly used cars has proven to be helpful and has enabled so many people to become car owners following their budget.

As heartwarming as it is to realize that you can buy used cars in Nigeria, it is important to ensure that you check if your budget would be sufficient enough to accommodate a car (yeebia) and also ensure that the fairly used car is gotten from a reliable dealer and the vehicle is in proper condition.


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