Understanding fleet management using a vehicle GPS tracker


Most business enterprises work towards managing revenue, safety, customer satisfaction and profitability. For that reason, your vehicle GPS tracker will help you make analyses such as the cost, revenue of every mile, and employee productivity. It will also allow you to track your vehicle, locate it, and diagnose its status. When there is a need for communication, you will communicate back to the vehicle GPS tracker. That is part of fleet management.

How a vehicle GPS tracker works for fleets

A vehicle GPS tracker comprises an in-vehicle tracking system that has a GPS receiver unit. The receiver unit works closely with maps to provide the precise location of the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle GPS tracker has a cellular modem that allows the communication of the position of a vehicle. This communication is dispatched from cloud infrastructure to the vehicle owner, where various vehicle information is communicated to the vehicle owner.

The essence of the receiver unit is to allow the users of vehicle GPS trackers to monitor the entire movement of their fleet of vehicles. Besides, a cellular modem is a communication device that helps send and receive information to and from the vehicle’s GPS tracker. The cloud infrastructure holds the information that is passed to the human fleet managers in their offices.

Monitoring your fleet of vehicles using the vehicle GPS tracking system

Driver behavior

Many companies use fleets of vehicles to achieve their transport logistics. In the process, the companies monitor driver behaviors when on duty. Essentially, they need vehicle GPS tracking systems to track their fleets and watch drivers closely.

The vehicle GPS trackers will give information such as the forceful acceleration of the vehicle and overspeeding. The vehicle GPS tracker will also assist in keeping drivers’ performances in check, among other driver analyses.

Fuel consumption

Shared fleets are not easy to manage. Either way, finding the overall fuel consumption of each vehicle in a fleet is equally not easy. Manual calculation of the fuel consumption and the distance a fleet covers is not possible.

Vehicle GPS trackers stores the correct readings for the distance covered and fuel consumption. Thus, quickly calculating the amount of fuel consumed by a fleet of vehicles and the distance covered with the help of the vehicle GPS tracker system.

Checking the current status of the fleet

Companies work with multiple drivers who are mostly well organized in different shifts. The vehicle GPS tracking system plays a critical role in each driver’s shift. The GPS vehicle tracker gives each truck’s live location, showing whether in motion or stopped. Therefore, knowing when one of the truck drivers might be in trouble can be easy.

Rush driving and Speed control

Vehicle GPS trackers help to control extreme speeds and rush driving. The monitoring and control of these behaviors can help in reducing speeding and bad driving habits. Thus, it reduces insurance costs and any looming safety issues that drivers may encounter in their duties.

Good management of fleets is essential because businesses or vehicle fleet owners can reduce the workloads that they have to do on their fleets. Vehicle GPS tracker is the primary device that ensures ease of fleet management.


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