Here are the Different Attachments in a Pressure Washer


Unlike what most people think, pressure washers aren’t as sophisticated. On the contrary, it’s a water pump, made out of quality materials¬†and powered on through an electric motor. To make cleaning with a pressure washer effective, you will need to fix some additional parts to the end of the hose. So, what are these parts? Keep reading.

Parts of a Pressure Washer

Here are some main parts that you will most likely find in a pressure washer.

1. Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Pressure Washer hose reels are considered a part of pressure washers because they help to enhance the existence of the hose. They help to save time and energy too.

While getting a pressure washer hose reel, ensure to get from a trusted brand as that’s the only way you can get one with a higher level of durability.

2. Gas Engine

Most pressure washers with lower capacity oftentimes make use of the usual household electricity. However, if you’re working with a bigger space, you will need to purchase a larger pressure washer model. This also means that the hose will need a gasoline engine with a power rate of 3.5-5.5HP. It’s designed to help supply power to the pressure washer’s gas pump.

3. Water Inlet

This is otherwise known as a hose that joins the main water supply with the pressure washer. The water Inlet comes with a filter to prevent debris and other forms of dirt from getting into the washer, and in turn, clog up the works.

4. Water Pump

This accessory is seen as the most integral part of the pressure washer. Instead of manual operation, the water pump is often driven by the gas engine at a high speed. Water is sucked in from the faucet when the engine draws the pump in one direction. But when the pump is pushed in a different direction, the water is forced out at a speed. In other words, the water pump is designed to control the water flow of about 4 to 8 liters.

5. High-pressure Hose

This is described as the tub that pulls out from the pressure washer to any kind of cleaning attachment that you’ve settled for. Strengthened with a wire mesh, the high-pressure Hose also comes with double layers of high-level plastic density.

Remember, you must use a hose with a pressure rating that’s higher than the pump in the pressure washer. However, if your pressure washer came with an attached hose, you wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

6. Cleaning Attachments

They are parts of the pressure washer that helps with a bulk of the performance that involves thorough cleaning. Some of these attachments include:

  • Lanes and wands
  • Brooms
  • Turbo tips
  • Surface cleaners
  • Spray guns
  • Foam cannons

Final Thoughts

In all, you must understand that most pressure washers come with extra features. While using your pressure washer, endure to look out for what may be lacking and replace as soon as you can; this improves efficiency.


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