Premium BMW navigation GPS retrofit for better driving


Do you need a GPS navigation system for your vehicle for better driving and directions? Then you have to get BMW navigation GPS retrofit in your vehicle. As you can get an idea from its name, it is a navigation system based on internal GPS integrated into it. You can upgrade your OEM display screen to a bigger android 10.25-inch screen with multimedia, and Apple Carplay installed. The factory made original radio functions of your car, such as iDrive, parking system, steering wheel controls, etc. are not altered. So, you can enjoy using them on a larger navigation screen. Let us see what features it has for us.

Nonreflecting fullscreen

 You might usually face difficulty and trouble while using your car’s original display because of seeing the reflection of your background surrounding it. Well, then say bye-bye to your factory-made display and replace it with a BMW navigation GPS retrofit and have the best experience of using a fully nonreflecting screen. The screen has improved screen sharpness and has a much wider angle for a better view of the display. Some of the main characteristics of this screen are:

  • Luxury Mirage black frame
  • Almost no reflection
  • Transparency is less than 80%
  • Maximum (up to 100%) visible area

Integrated Wi-Fi

The screen has a built-in Wi-Fi, so you can stream your favorite movies or surf the internet anywhere you want. Just install a Wi-Fi router in your car or give it access to your mobile phone’s hotspot and make the boring drives an enjoyable one by listening to your favorite songs.

Integrated GPS

There is GPS integrated into it for providing you directions to your destinations or desired places. Just input the name of the area, and it will guide you thoroughly towards it. It gives you proper driving directions and gives you complete data of the roadway. It is also capable of installing navigation apps such as Waze, google maps, and many others. So if you are the one who gets completely lost when visiting a new place or can’t remember paths, you have to get this navigation system installed in your vehicle.

Free accessories!

You will get many reliable accessories with your BMW navigation GPS retrofit. Those accessories are:

  • AUX/USB cable
  • RCA(DVR/TV in)
  • 2*USB/ MIC In cable
  • Power Cable
  • GPS Antenna

Supports USB/SD card

Can’t find that one song that you downloaded from a site? Desperately want to listen to that specific song? Can’t stream your most liked movie due to poor internet connection? They are saved in an SD card, but you can’t play them on your car’s display? No need to panic as you can play them on this GPS navigation screen as it supports any type of SD/USB card. Just plug in the card carefully and watch your movie or listen to songs while going on a long drive.

Specifications of BMW navigation GPS retrofit

Some of the impressive specs of BMW navigation GPS retrofit are:

  • PX6(Hex core) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 62 (octa-core) processors
  • Supports 4G LTE
  • Android 9.0 or Android 10
  • Latest ID7 interface
  • 4GB RAM +64GB ROM

The BMW navigation GPS retrofit comes with multiple exceptional features for making your car equipped with the latest technology.


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