Why Washing Your Car Regularly is a Must?


A car is one of your biggest investments. To make sure it will last longer, there are things that you need to do. One of them is to regularly wash your car using the right products. Through washing, you will be able to maintain the look of your vehicle, its trade-in value, and you can resell it at a good price. It is a low-cost way of protecting the value and appearance of your car.

How often you should wash your car?

According to experts, washing of the car should be done every two weeks. But, some obsessives do it every week, or even more. Also, irregular dirt like bug guts and road salt should be attended to right away to prevent metal or paint damage. The following factors can affect the frequency of washing your car:

  • The location of your residence. If you are living in an area where birds usually fly and make messes on your vehicle, you need to clean your car every day.
  • Exposure of your vehicle to the different elements – heat, sun, cold, salt, rain, wind, pollution, and snow.
  • If you are living or driving every day in an area near a construction site.
  • For areas with a never-ending army of bugs and insects that could damage the look of your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is parked in an open area. It could be under the trees or an open driveway, these factors could hasten the wear and tear of your car’s paint job.
  • For areas where dust is abundant, covering your car might not be enough to protect your car, thus frequent washing is required.

Reasons why you need to wash your car regularly

Some car owners wash their cars every day, others are doing it twice a week while some on a weekly. But, all of them have the same reasons why they need to wash their cars.

Removes dirt

With everyday use your car gets dirty. It is not just the exterior of your car that gets dirty, even the interior accumulates dirt as you get to and from your destination. Mud stain, dust, rain marks, and others are some of the dirt that you need to deal with. Dirt can affect the look and appearance of your car and may damage the car’s paint and other internal parts like the air conditioning blower.

Improves the car’s condition

Washing your car with the right products can remove the impurities effectively and prevents the paint and parts from deteriorating fast. The car’s engine will also benefit from this as it can help the engine healthier.

Improves the resale value

If you have plans to resell your car in the future, you must keep the resale value. Regularly washing the car can prevent dull paint, scratches, rust, and other issues that may reduce the look of your car.

Final thoughts

It is not enough to simply wash your car with soap and water. You need to use the right products to prevent damage to your car’s paint and parts. Some parts are sensitive that a strong product might cause it to rust or it might damage it. To learn more about what are the best products to use for cleaning your precious investment visit homepage.


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