Removing Stickers From Your Car

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There are several reasons why you would want to remove funny star wars family car decals. Most people tend to remove these decals when they want to sell off the family car. Some other times, they are just tired of the markers and want to have them changed.

It is possible you want to replace your old markers with new star wars family car decals. It is also likely you want funny family car decals as a replacement. Whatever your reason is, it is possible to rid your family car of those old decals.

There are several places to get new family car decals such as Zigpac or at any other online store. In this post, we will be looking at the best ways to help your remove those old labels on your family car.

Removing the decals

Here’s a simple truth, everybody loves decals (know more) when they are new, however, nobody likes the removal process. It’s that simple and straightforward and there are several reasons why. The number one reason is that these decals are really difficult to remove without causing some damage to the car.

So how then do you remove these decals? First thing you should note is that you should never consider using razor blades. This is because it is likely to damage the surface the decal is stuck to, whether clear coat or plastic.

You should also be wary of the surface surrounding the marker. Regardless of whether they are star wars family car decals or funny family car decals, damage can be done. This is because the sun usually fades the surrounding material rather than the material beneath it.

So you have to take a lot of care when removing these decals yourself. If you need help, you can visit Zigpac.

Check out the following tips to help remove family car decals with ease.

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Begin with a clean slate to remove family car decals

Before you begin to strip your car of its decals, it is advised that you wash it first. The reason for this is to ensure that all the dirt or grime around the decal is eliminated completely.

You can’t afford to have them around else you’d grind them into the clear coat of your car. This will result in scratches and swirls that will disfigure the coating. As you wash, concentrate more on the areas surrounding the decals.

This out of the way, you can get on with the process of stripping your car off the old decals.

Choose your removal method

There are several methods that have proven efficient in removing decals. Some are pretty expensive and dangerous for the coating of your car, like the heat gun. Others are way cheaper, even though they are still as efficient. The two cheapest and easy to administer methods are:

  • Hairdryer and spray method.
  • Plastic scraper or plastic razor blades.

We will look at these two methods briefly below.

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a. Hairdryer and spray method to remove the family car decals

A heat gun is likely to cause damage to the clean coat or melt the plastic. This why most people avoid it and choose the hairdryer and spray method. It is usually gentler even though it still requires a little heat.

When you apply heat, the glue holding the decal to your car tends to loosen up. This will make it easier to remove by hand by peeling off. Despite this, you’ll still have some leftover adhesive residue or glue.

A good hair spray will make removing the residue a very simple feat to achieve. Simply spray over the surface and when soaked, use a microfiber towel to wipe it off. This should conveniently remove the remaining glue leaving your car looking great.

The reason for the microfiber towel is to prevent scratches on your car finish. It is also great in trapping particles so they don’t damage your car coating. For more advice on this visit Zigpac.

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b. Plastic scraper or plastic razor blades

Most people who have experience in removing car decals consider this as the best method. You might too when you have tried it. We have already told you the danger of using razor blades, plastic blades or scrapers are the answer.

This tool was specifically designed for the purpose of stripping a car of its decals. Considering the benefits they come with, they are pretty cheap. Asides their great handles, there are several replacement blades attached in case one blade goes bad.

These plastic scrapers or blades come in handy when you have to scrape off a very large decal. You definitely cannot pass a hairdryer through a large surface or use hair spray too.

Once you find yourself a sharp scraper or blade, find the edge of the decal to be removed. Place the edge of the plastic blade under the edge of the decal and gradually begin to push forward. If you do this well enough, in a few minutes you should have rid yourself of the family car decals.

Usually, there are no scratches to the coat or glass surface. Clean off the remaining glue neatly to allow for a new sticker and to prevent dirt sticking to the surface. After this, you can have new star wars family car decals or funny family car decals from Zigpac fixed.

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Other tools you could use to remove family car decals:

Asides the above-named tools, there are a few other tools you could make use of in removing decals. They include;

  1. 3M decal eraser tool. This is mostly used for very large surfaces.
  2. A thin plastic ID card.
  3. Dental floss.
  4. Fishing line.

How to Remove Family Car Decals Wrap Up

By now you must agree that it is not so easy to remove family car decals. It is more difficult when you lack the right tools. In this post, you have learned how to use simple tools at your disposal for this purpose. Remember to be patient and go slow with the process else you’ll damage your car coating. Finally, for any concerns or a new decal, visit Zigpac.


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